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One thing I think fandom fails to understand about those of us who love and defend Talia is that we are not arguing that Talia is good and virtuous. We are arguing that she is complex. 

Grant Morrison stripped Talia of her complexity.

Talia is not a wholly good character and never has been, though she is certainly capable of and has done good. For much of her early depictions, she was strictly an antiheroine. She is passionate and tender but unyielding and merciless. She is not altogether mentally stable, but she is no psychopath.

Talia is a study in contradiction, not in a way that should be an example of inconsistent writing, but in our own very real inconsistency as human beings. Like any of us, she is capable both of great good and great evil. She can be misguided and cruel as much as she can be selfless and loving.

That’s part of why I’m drawn to her. 


This is how you know they’re actually brothers.

“The thing I was surprised about in response to Superman was how everyone clings to the Christopher Reeve version of Superman,” he told Forbes. “How tightly they cling to those ideas, not really the comic book version, but more the movie version. … If you really analyze the comic book version of Superman, he’s killed, he’s done all the things. I guess the rules that people associate with Superman in the movie world are not the rules that really apply to him in the comic book world because those rules are different. He’s done all the things and more that we’ve shown him doing, right?”

“It’s just funny to see people really taking it personally … because I made (Superman) real, you know, I made him feel or made consequences (in) the world,” he said. “I felt like, it was the same thing in ‘Watchmen.’ We really wanted to show it wasn’t just like they thought, like the PG-13 version where everyone just gets up and they’re fine. I really wanted to show the violence is real, people get killed or get hurt and it’s not fun or funny.”

Zack Snyder, Variety

I saw Son of Batman and I thought it was good but flawed movie. I wish it was more character driven than plot heavy. The little character moments were the best part of the movie.

Talia seem to have a brother in the movie. He is killed within 30 seconds of meeting him but they could have just used him in the plot to overtake the league instead of Deathstroke. A lot of fans seems upset by this random background and story they give to Slade Wilson. I know of Slade Wilson but I don’t know anything about his background so it didn’t really bother me.

I love this movie for keeping Talia’s love for her son and not making her a psycho like Morrison did but unfortunately they kept the rape nonsense in there. That was nonsense and totally unnecessary when Morrison did it in the comics but here where they change so much of the story from the comic, it was even more unnecessary. Maybe they have rape fetish. 

There was a lot of blood. Characters especially our little badass brat seemed a bit superhuman. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie and I would have loved it more if  there was more character moments and development.

I wanted more scenes between the al ghul family, between Damian and batfamily and between the al ghul and batfamily. I’ll take the crumbs that is thrown my way though and use headcanon for the rest.  


 activities include switching clothes for a day

So, Amazing SpiderMan 2

Damian Wayne The Son of Batman


Damian Wayne
The Son of Batman

Fox needs to drop Bryan Singer from the X-Men

Even setting aside the rape allegations, this is a man who provides drugs and alcohol to underage boys along with the promise of making them stars and taking advantage of them. He is part of Hollywood sex rings and casting couch practice where some directors, studios executives use and abuse young men and women. I’m glad that this disgusting and vile practice is going to be exposed in upcoming documentary.  

I’m not excited anymore about dofp. I will see the movie but its just not the same anymore and I know this will affect my experience of the movie. I don’t think that moving forward if Singer is still going to be involved in spearheading this franchise that I can support it. 

Both the characters and fans deserve better. 


oh dem cats and dey toyz. 

The basic plot, which cannot be ignored even in the films, is that Harry, Hermione and Ron give up everything for their political struggle. They drop out of high school, they go illegal, defy the government, belong to an underground organization [The Order of the Phoenix], operate out of safe houses and forests and even raid offices of the government and banking offices. This is all done in principled opposition to the Dark Wizard Voldemort and a corrupt bureaucratized government that has been heavily infiltrated with his evil minions. This is revolutionary activity. But the movie version does not present it as such or emphasize these radical aspects of the plot, thereby entirely missing the dramatic sweep and action present in the first half of the last novel.

The novels recognize the importance of alternative media for political struggle. The mainstream press [The Daily Prophet] is shown as unreliable and unprincipled, eventually deteriorating into a fear-mongering propaganda machine for the Voldemort-controlled bureaucracy. For a while the alternative but above ground media [The Quibbler] publishes the real news, but it ceases to print after the daughter of the publisher is kidnapped. In the book, friends of Harry [Lee Jordan, with Fred and George Weasley as frequent guests] start broadcasting the real news from an underground radio station, encrypted with a password. This radio station becomes a critical link for the resistance, which is scattered and weak. Although we are treated to some radio broadcast updates in the movie, they are delivered by a disembodied and professional sounding voice, not our friends the Weasleys. This undermines the important message - a guiding principle behind the media coop - that in a serious situation it becomes necessary to produce your own media and not to rely on ‘professionals’.

The novel makes it clear that in this phase of the struggle the characters romantic lives take a backseat to their political activity, as Harry breaks up with the love of his life [Ginny Weasley] so as to avoid making her a target for Voldemort’s forces, who are known to use torture and kidnapping as tactics. The ‘love triangle’ that becomes the focus of the movie isn’t even really present in the books. In the books, the relationship between Harry and Hermione is totally platonic - Ron is shown as jealous, but the feeling is entirely without foundation. In the book Harry says to Ron: “I love her like a sister and I reckon she feels the same way about me. It’s always been like that. I thought you knew” (pg 378, DH US Hardback). This conveys that men and women can be close comrades and friends without being involved romantically. But in the film, Harry and Hermione are shown dancing romantically, and Harry’s line to Ron about his brotherly feeling towards Hermione does not even make it into the film. This completely undermines the important message that jealousy is counter-productive and has toxic effects, which is an important feminist message for young people.



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